1.Do Homoeopathic Medicines have any side effect?

No, Homeopathic Medicines do not have any side effect. They are made from ultra diluted natural substances by the special mathematicomechanical process called "Potentization" , which consists of serial dilution and succusion, and it renders them acting very deep but free of any toxic side effect.

2.What is a Role of Homeopathy in Cancer?

It is described in detail in the head panel under Homoeopathy and Cancer.

3.In what stage of Cancer, Homoeopathy is useful?

In all stages of Cancer, Homoeopathy is useful. But, earlier the better.

4.In what type of Cancer, Homoeopathy is useful?

All types of Cancer.

5.Can We take Homoeopathic medicines along with Conventional therapy like Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation?

Off course, Yes. It will not only boost the immunes system, but also will lessen the toxic side effects and may minimise the need of such therapies.

Patient will tolerate Radiations and Chemotherapy better if is taking Homeopathy along with them.

It will also lessen the post surgical complications and will help in promoting rapid healing.

6.Can We take homoeopathy for children?

Homoeopathy can be taken for child of any age. It is gentle and safe. In fact, it will be proven beneficial the most to children as their vitality is very good and they are the best candidates for the homeopathic therapy to be effective.

7.Can Homoeopathy prevent Cancer?

Yes, homoeopathy can prevent cancer. Before Cancer and After Cancer, both.

Before Cancer means if you have a strong family history or any premalignant lesion.

After Cancer means, if you have been treated for cancer and declared symptom free. Here homoeopathy will lessen the chances of relapse.

8.Does Homoeopathy take care of mental/psychological symptoms of Cancer patient?

Yes. Homoeopathy takes care of mental well being of patients. In fact, knowing psychological background is v important to prescribe and it's improvement is expected.

9.What is a role of homoeopathy in last stage of cancer?

It will sooth the terminal sufferings and will give a patient peaceful last days.

10.Do I need to take other allopathic therapy for Cancer if I am taking Homoeopathy?

Unfortunately, we have no full proof therapy for Cancer till date and each therapy has its limitations.
Homoeopathy has been found curative in many cancer patients, but still the data is not enough to prove the efficacy that it only is enough to cure cancer. We are doing intense research and striving to reach the maximum perfection level, but the science is still under process.
And so is with other Cancer therapies.
So it is advisable for patient, to review every cancer therapy in terms of benefits, side effects and risks on his own and then make the decision based on his/her individual preferences.

11.Homeopathic medicines are prepared from what sources?

Most of the remedies are prepared from natural sources like plants and plant products; animal products; minerals; rays like sun, moon, laser, etc.; vaccine from disease products; healthy tissues and secretions; chemicals etc. But due to their special making process, they are totally harmless.

12. Do I need to observe many restrictions in diet while taking homoeopathy?

No. Very minimum dietary restrictions are advised which are relatively easy to follow.

13.Is homeopathy very expensive?

If we compare cost benefit ratio, homeopathy is the most cost effective therapy for Cancer.