Precancerous Condition:

  • Homoeopathy has vital role in healing and curing of potent precancerous conditions. Famous American physician Dr. Arthur Hill Grimmer has documented 50,000 patients treated with homoeopathy from which less than 5% only developed cancer which is quite striking and clearly demonstrates role of homoeopathy in preventing cancers. He has documented that early treatment with Homoeopathy will cure 80% of such early cancer patients.
  • It enhances the immune system and corrects the familial and constitutional tendencies, thus will repair the mutated and corrupted DNA.
  • Homoeopathy also nullifies or minimises the toxic effects of various carcinogens like lead, radiations, food and environmental pollutants, artificial hormones, etc. and addictives like tobacco and alcohol.

Family history of Cancer:

  • When there is a positive family history of cancer, an individual becomes more susceptible to the disease. Homoeopathy medicines prepared from the diseased tissues act like vaccine and prevent cancer in such cases. It prevents  passage of cancer tendency to the children if taken before or during the conception.
  • This field requires more focused and evidence based research and is one of our main objectives.


  • Recurrence of malignancy in patients with past history of cancer is the major problem in spite of highly advanced and aggressive cancer therapies.
  • If timely homoeopathy treatment is started  along with conventional therapies, our experience at clinics proves and encourages us that the recurrence of Cancer can be prevented or delayed and there is a less need for further aggressive therapies. We are getting quite promising results and conducting  research work in this field.